In the era of digitization, there are ways of increasing business sales and generating maximum returns on investment through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around us since the evolution of the e-commerce industry and is known as one of the most effective online marketing programs. It’s an internet practice in which an organization chooses a group of affiliates for their target audience.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a referral program that gives commission to those people who successfully generate potential leads for your business. Also known as affiliate advertising program, it is cost effective and also drives traffic to your website. The more people promote your products, services, and business online, the more famous you will become. Choosing an affiliate marketing program for your business helps you focus on your mission, vision, and other business objectives.


Why One Needs to Invest in Affiliate Marketing Services?

Affiliate marketing involves the process of advertising and selling products through a third party. One can do this through numerous avenues known as ‘Publishers.’ A merchant or a business needs a platform to publish their products/services and pay a certain amount of commission for every qualified lead. Affiliate Marketing is basically like a Pay-Per-Click model. The business pays the affiliates for the hard work they do whenever an advertisement gets converted froma lead to a sale. It has its own set of advantages and is known as one of the most essentials part of any online marketing plan. Certain benefits of affiliate marketing include the following:

  • It is Cost Effective: In Affiliate marketing, you need to pay only when the results are met. The cost for a certain result is also fixed, so there is no need to worry about what the cost will be.
  • It Involves Low-Risk: Affiliate Marketing is a minimum risk investment since payment is due and based only upon performance of your publishers.

What Do We do for You?

Buy Now Depot works as an intermediator between affiliates and merchants. We choose a group of successful affiliates for your business, analyze the data and generate quality leads through affiliate ads. We manage the complete process on your behalf, so you can devote your time to run other business functions. Apart from that, we also offer the following services:

  • We help clients choose the right affiliate marketing program to meet their business goals and objectives
  • We can set up an affiliate program on numerous networks or one specifc network depenent on business goals and budget.
  • We can manage your complete affiliate program for you
  • We can create marketing collaterals for your business, which include images, banner & catalogues
  • We will review the performance of your affiliate marketing campaign
  • We will prepare periodic reports by analyzing the performance of affiliate marketing program(s)

What Are Our Values?

  • Microsoft products i.e. SQL Server, Dynamics
  • Cost Effectiveness: Our goal is to offer our services at competitive prices. We want your business to reach new heights and experience the taste of success.
  • Transparency to Work: We don't believe in hiding anything from our clients. As a valued customer, you will know what we are doing and how the complete process is running through a project timeline.
  • Effective Strategies: We focus a customer-centric approach to meet our client’s needs and achieve scalable results.
  • Experienced Professionals: We hire expert level professionals who work day and night to deliver results that will exceed your expectations at affordable pricing.

Why is Buy Now Depot a Leader in Affiliate Marketing?

At Buy Now Depot, we treat all our clients in the same manner despite their business size. Our long-term relationship with our customers helps us ensure that we offer the best services, at the best possible rates. Excellent rates, when combined with our customer-centric approach enables us to drive conversion, raise brand awareness and achieve ROI goals.

Hire Us – We Deliver Results!

With our comprehensive approach and focused mindset, you will get a group of affiliate marketers, which will further increase your web presence on the web by helping you obtain many publishers through proper avenues. By providing ethical business practices which ensures customer loyalty and success toward one's goals we ensure a positive experience.

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